"2015" Featured Movies

Bana Masal Anlatma (2015)

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The story of a minibus driver and a fairytale princesss nestling under the wing of timeless friendship in an ordinary neighborhood.

Family for Christmas (2015)

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After a conversation with a man playing Santa Claus during her office Christmas party, a woman wakes up to find herself married to her college sweetheart and two kids and questions her life choices.

Americons (2015)

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Raving through realty on the eve of the economic collapse. A high-velocity journey of an unsuspecting mortgage broker swallowed up in the sex, greed and over indulgence of the mid 2000's Real Estate boom.

The Night Is Young (2015)

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This is the story of the night Matt and Dave met Amy and Syd. All feeling a bit fed up with their jobs and Los Angeles...

SlingShot (2015)

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SlingShot focuses on noted Segway inventor Dean Kamen and his work to solve the world's water crisis...

'Tis the Season for Love (2015)

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A small town girl who moved to New York to pursue her dreams returns home for the holidays, only to realize that maybe her dreams aren't miles away, but right in her hometown.

Red Hood: The Fallen (2015)

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Following the Death of Batman, a new vigilante hits Gotham, hellbent on fulfilling redemption, over a classic Enemy.

From Russia with Cash (2015)

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With increasing evidence that London's property boom is being partly fuelled by overseas buyers laundering money...

ShadowRing (2015)

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This new and exciting documentary will build on the successes of 'State of Mind: The Psychology of Control'...

Dogs' Breakfast (2015)

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Blackmailed by dirty cops, rookie thieves Nathan and Jeff are send to steal a briefcase from a warehouse...

Bunny the Killer Thing (2015)

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A group of Finnish and British people get stuck at a cabin when they are attacked by a creature that is a half human, half rabbit.

PlantPure Nation (2015)

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The documentary film PlantPure Nation tells the story of three people on a quest to spread the message of one of the most important health breakthroughs of all time.

The Night of the Wererooster (2015)

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Something is killing people in the woods. Something covered with feathers.

Nightstand (2015)

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From Executive Producer Stephen Fry, TRY HARD presents a whirlwind of repressed yearnings and urban loneliness...

10 Days in a Madhouse (2015)

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In 1887, at age 23, reporter Nellie Bly, working for Joseph Pulitzer, feigns mental illness to go undercover in notorious Blackwell's Island a woman's insane asylum to expose corruption, abuse and murder.

L'enquête (2015)

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Journalist Denis Robert sparked a storm in the world of European finance by denouncing the murky operations of banking firm Clearstream...

Flytrap (2015)

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FLYTRAP mixes sci-fi with dark humor to tell the story of a reserved English Astronomer who becomes...

Creepy Campfire Stories (2015)

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It's Halloweens Eve. Eddie and Ben want to spend this special evening together with their girls around the campfire...

Two Worlds (2015)

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Two characters finding hope and coming together in the bleakest of moments. One marooned on a desolate planet and the other crash landing on the same planet. Both have benefits to helping each other find solace in this barren world.

True Love Ways (2015)

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After a recurring dream Séverine decides she needs to get away from her boyfriend Tom for a couple of days...

Actors Anonymous (2015)

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The film adaptation of James Franco's popular novel Actors Anonymous, exploring the lives of young actors in Hollywood, from the highs to the lows, to the lies and the heartbreak.

Closets (2015)

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CLOSETS is an interesting, unusual film with a sci-fi twist. It features a tormented 16 year old boy called Henry who...

Morning is Broken (2015)

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As a wedding party disintegrates two young men share a first-kiss that could tear them apart.

The Smiling Man (2015)

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A little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil.